Television By Joe Crilly

The Missing: Mark Walsh Is The Big Mover

Mark Walsh has been the big mover in The Missing betting with just 24 hours to go according to William Hill. His odds have tumbled from 10/1 to 6/1 although he remains behind the Deloix brothers and Ian Garrett. Alain Deloix is the firm favourite at 13/8 with Georges, his brother 3/1. Ian Garrett is also 3/1.


“Mark Walsh has been the big mover in the last 24 hours but despite this, he remains behind the favourites who have also proven popular with our amateur sleuths,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “It just goes to highlight that no one knows who has perpetrated this crime.”


Dad, Tony, was the early favourite in the market, however, his price has collapsed to 14/1 as William Hill customers thought that would perhaps be a twist too far.


Who kidnapped Oliver Hughes: 13/8 Alain Deloix; 3/1 Georges Deloix; 3/1 Ian Garrett; 5/1 Karl Seig; 6/1 Mark Walsh; 11/1 Khalid Zane; 11/1 Sylvie Deloix; 11/1 Vincent Bourg; 12/1 Greg Halpern; 12/1 Laurence Relaud; 12/1 Malik Suri; 14/1 Tony Hughes; 25/1 Julien Baptiste; 33/1 Emily Hughes