Politics By Graham Sharpe

Scottish Referendum Becomes Biggest Political Punt of all

A £100 BET ON A ‘Yes’ outcome to the Scottish Referendum, placed in a Fife betting shop, has pushed William Hill’s turnover on the outcome to a record £2million – the first time Britain’s biggest bookmaker has taken as much on any political market.

‘The volume of betting has taken us completely by surprise, and a turnover in excess of £2million was not anticipated when we began betting on the outcome. We now expect the betting turnover on the Referendum to exceed the last General, and US Presidential Elections combined’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe, ‘The closer we move to polling day the greater the betting interest seems to be. At the moment we are seeing over 80% of the bets we are taking being placed on a Yes vote. On Wednesday alone we have taken bets of £8000; £2000; £1200 and £1000 for a Yes vote.’

WILLIAM HILL are now offering Even money that the turnout to vote on the Referendum will top 80%.


VOTING TURNOUT………..8/11- Under 80%; Evens 80% or more

ALEX SALMOND to stand down as First Minister before Scottish Election on May 5, 2016? – 4/11 NO; 2/1 YES

WHICH CURRENCY WILL SCOTLAND USE IF INDEPENDENT?......1/2 Sterling; 3/1 Euro; 5/1 Own new currency; 25/1 Any other