Politics By Graham Sharpe

Scot Referendum Photo Finish?

WITH THE SNP SPRING Conference getting underway, bookmakers William Hill have revealed that their customers are split almost down the middle about the outcome of the Referendum on independence – with 52% of bets struck in favour of a NO vote, and the other 48% on YES.

‘Although the odds make NO a relatively warm favourite at 2/7, with YES an 11/4 chance, they have changed quite significantly in recent months, with NO lengthening from 1/6, and  YES shortening from 7/2’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe. ‘It would be no surprise to see them coming together even more before the day of the vote- it could yet be a photo-finish’

Two customers have staked £5000 bets on Yes, while one man in a William Hill Glasgow betting shop gambled £200,000 - believed to be the largest political bet ever struck - that the outcome of the 2014 Scottish Referendum would be a vote AGAINST Independence.

'We have never taken a bigger bet than this on any political subject.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'The man, in his late fifties, with a pronounced Scottish accent, and a stranger to staff, struck one bet of £30,000 at odds of 1/5, then returned to place another, of £70,000 at the same odds, before placing a third, of £100,000 at odds by now shortened to 1/6. He stands to make a total profit of £36,666.'

William Hill are also betting on the voting turnout at the Referendum - making 66% or more their 1/2 favourite, with Under 66% a 6/4 shot.
And it is 4/6 that 41% or more will vote Yes, 11/10 fewer than 41%.

Meanwhile the odds about Scotland being completely independent by March 24, 2016, have shortened from 10/1 to 11/2. It is 1/10 that it will not happen.

One of the biggest talking points connected with the Referendum has been what currency Scotland would use once independent - Hills offer 8/13 that they will retain Sterling; 7/2 introduce a new currency of their own making; 4/1 adopt the Euro; 16/1 any other option

'The amount of betting interest in the outcome of the Referendum initially took us by surprise, but now, as the big day looms closer and interest begins to pick up, we are anticipating a betting turnover running into seven figures by the time the final vote is cast.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.