Weather By Joe Crilly

Plummeting Temperatures Spark Red Hot Whiter Christmas Wagering

With temperatures set to drop this weekend, it would seem that William Hill punters are also taking the plunge on a White Christmas with an increase of 500% in festive punting this last week.

It is north of the border where the snow is likeliest to fall, with 4/1 that the festive snowflakes fall in Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow, while London represents the worst result for the bookies at the moment – with a five figure payout set to be sparked it the English Capital sees snow on Christmas Day.

“The onset of cold weather is always the catalyst for our punters to get their woolly jumpers on and head down to the shops to place their Christmas bets and it would appear that this year is no different,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

It is 12/1 that the lowest temperature ever recorded in England is broken this winter while the same price is on offer for the record in Scotland and Wales to fall.

  • 12/1 - Lowest ever temperature in Wales (-23.3c) to be broken by April 2015
  • 12/1 - Lowest ever temperature in England (-26.1c) to be broken by April 2015
  • 12/1 - Lowest ever temperature in Scotland (-27.2c) to be broken by April 2015

William Hill White Christmas Betting*: 4/1 Aberdeen, 4/1 Edinburgh, 4/1 Glasgow, 6/1 Belfast, 6/1 Leeds, 6/1 Liverpool, 6/1 Manchester, 6/1 Newcastle, 8/1 Birmingham, 8/1 Bristol, 8/1 Cardiff, 8/1 London, 8/1 Norwich, 10/1 Dublin, 10/1 Penzance


*Result confirmed by British Weather service – Definition of a white Christmas for betting purposes is a flake of snow to fall over the 24hrs of Christmas day