Politics By Graham Sharpe

Miliband Eds For Number Ten


ED MILIBAND is 4/5 favourite to be the next Prime Minister with William Hill, who make Labour 7/4 to form the next Government with an overall majority.

However, Hills are also offering 6/1 that Miliband will stand down as leader before the General Election, although he is 1/12 to lead the Party into the poll.

'Miliband may be Ed-ing for Number 10, but should he falter, there will be plenty looking to take his place and Yvette Cooper is 5/2 favourite to succeed him' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL: TO BE NEXT PM....4/5 Ed Miliband; 8/1 Boris Johnson; 14/1 Yvette Cooper; Theresa May; George Osborne.

NEXT GENERAL ELECTION: 11/10 No overall majority; 7/4 Labour overall majority; 11/4 Cons overall majority; 3/1 Con-Lib coalition; 4/1 Lab-Lib coalition; 8/1 Coalition involving UKIP; 100/1 UKIP overall majority; 500/1 Lib Dem overall majority.

TO BE LARGEST INDIVIDUAL PARTY....8/11 Labour; 11/10 Conservatives.