Politics By Graham Sharpe

Look Out Dave - Boris 5/2 To Be PM By End Of 2020!

BORIS JOHNSON IS now a 1/ 4 chance to become an MP at the next General Election, and just 5/2 to become Prime Minister before the end of 2020.
The Uxbridge & S Ruislip constituency could well provide Boris with his route back in to Parliament, and William Hill make the Tories 1/50 to retain the seat at the General Election, with UKIP their only serious rivals at 20/1.
'All the indications are that Boris will be back in Parliament next May, and he seems only to have Theresa May to beat when the time comes to replace David Cameron as leader, which could well be straight after the Election if the Tories fail to win an outright majority.'
BORIS JOHNSON to become an MP at the next General Election: 1/4 yes; 11/4 no
BORIS JOHNSON to become PM before the end of 2020...............5/2
CONSERVATIVES to win Uxbridge/S Ruislip constituency at General Election...1/50; UKIP 20/1; Labour 50/1; Lib Dems 150/1.
TO SUCCEED DAVID CAMERON AS TORY LEADER...4/1 Theresa May; 5/1 Boris Johnson; 8/1 Michael Gove; 10/1 Philip Hammond; George Osborne; 14/1 William Hague.Others on request.
NEXT GENERAL ELECTION RESULT: 11/10 No Overall Majority; 2/1 Lab majority; 5/2 Cons majority; 3/1 Con-LD Coalition; 4/1 Lab-LD Coalition; 14/1 Coalition inolving UKIP; 66/1 UKIP majority; 500/1 LD majority.