Politics By Graham Sharpe

David Camer-Gone?

BOOKMAKERS William Hill are offering odds of 1/3 that David Cameron will cease to be Prime Minister during 2015. He is 7/2 to go in 2016 or later, and 6/1 to do so this year.

'Mr Cameron's confident speech to the Tory faithful is not backed up by confidence in the betting markets that he can win another term in office' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL have cut their odds for No Overall Majority to be the result of the next General Election, from 11/10 to Even money. 'Punters are finding it difficult to see any individual Party winning an overall majority' said Hil's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
Hills have lengthened Labour's odds for a clear majority from 7/4 to 15/8, and make the Tories 3/1 to do likewise - the same odds as they offer for another Tory-Lib Dem coalition; a Labour-Lib Dem coalition is 4/1; with any coalition involving UKIP 8/1. A clear UKIP majority is 100/1 with a similar Lib Dem majority 500/1.

**BORIS JOHNSON is 2/1 favourite to succeed David Cameron as Tory leader with William Hill, who make Theresa May 4/1 second favourite, ahead of 10/1 George Osborne; 12/1 Michael Gove and Philip Hammond; 16/1 Sajid Javid.


WILLIAM HILL are betting on how many sitting MPs will defect to UKIP between the Clacton by-election and General Election?....6/4 NONE; 5/2 ONE; 5/4 TWO OR MORE


CLACTON....1/33 UKIP; 8/1 Cons; 25/1 Lab;  100/1 LD
ROCHESTER-STROOD...8/11 UKIP; 11/8 Cons; 8/1 Lab; 100 LD
HAYWOOD-MIDDLETON....1/16 Lab; 7/1 UKIP; 150 Cons; 250 LDs

WILLIAM HILL offer 7/4 that UKIP will amass Five or more seats at the forthcoming General Election. They are also 7/4 to get 1 or 2; 4/1 to have 3 or 4; 4/1 to have none at all.