Politics By Graham Sharpe

Bookies To Get Off Scot Free?

FOR THE second time in a week, bookmakers William Hill have cut their odds for a Yes vote in the Scottish Referendum.
'From 11/2 down to 5/1 and now to 9/2, the Yes vote has picked up momentum of late, and we expect the gap to narrow even more as we approach polling day' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
Hills say 75% of the bets struck in their shops have been for Yes, but some 60% of online and mobile bets are for No.
However, with two clients alone accounting for £800,000 of bets on a No vote, Hills are facing a hefty payout for that outcome.
'We'd like to take a little more cash for a Yes vote to balance our book, and if the vote were to go that way we'd almost certainly be able to claim we'd got off Scot free!' added Sharpe.