Specials Betting By Graham Sharpe

Betting on When British Museum Will Lose Its Marbles

William Hill have opened a market on when the British Museum Elgin Marbles collection will be officially and permanently returned to Greece, but believe there is very little chance of it happening before the year 2019, offering 25/1 for it to happen this year; 16/1 next year; 12/1 in 2017 and 10/1 in 2018.

'The loan of part of the collection to a Russian museum has sparked interest as to when and whether the whole collection will be handed back, while the involvement of George Clooney's wife in the campaign for their return has also raised the profile' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'It seems inevitable that eventually the British Museum is destined to lose its Marbles'

William Hill odds:Year in which British Museum will officially return its complete Elgin Marbles collection to Greece permanently:

2015                       25/1

2016                       16/1

2017                       12/1

2018                       10/1

2019 or after      1/6