Politics By Graham Sharpe

9/1 Boris To Be PM by New Year's Eve 2015

WITH the 2015 General Election set to produce a non-result - William Hill offer 2/5 that no Party will win an overall majority - there is an 8/1 chance, according to Hills, that there will have to be two General Elections during the year, and some uncertainty about who will end up as Prime Minister at the end of the year. Hills offer 9/1 that Boris Johnson will take over as PM by then.

TO BE PM ON DEC 31,2015...Evens D Cameron; Evens E Miliband; 9/1 Boris; 12/1 T May; 16 Y Cooper; 20 A Burnham; 33 N Farage.

2014 WAS the biggest ever year for political betting, say William Hill, who took over £3m just on the outcome of the Scottish Referendum, and twice set new records for the biggest ever political bet - initially when one client staked £200,000 on the Referendum outcome - which was then smashed, as another customer from South West London gambled £900,000 that the Scots would vote 'No' - and collected £1,093,333.33 when they did!

'2014 smashed all political betting records, but with a wide open General Election, and the build-up to the US Presidential Election, 2015 is well placed to attract a significant betting turnover' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL have released a series of odds speculating on events which may occur during 2015 on the political scene, including UKIP leader Nigel Farage standing down from the role, a current MP appearing on one of the major reality tv shows and 16/17 year olds being given the right to vote:

Two General Elections to take place during 2015 - 8/1
The May General Election to result in no overall majority for any one Party...2/5
Nigel Farage to cease to be Ukip leader during 2015 - 3/1
David Cameron to cease to be Con leader during 2015 - 7/4
Ed Miliband as above,Lab leader - EVS
Nick Clegg as above, Lib Dem leader - 6/4
Alan Hope (MRLP) as above, Loony Party leader - 3/1
BoE interest rate to rise during 2015 - 5/6
Boris Johnson still to be Mayor of London on Dec 31, 2015 - 1/8
George Osborne to be Chancellor on Dec 31, 2015 - 4/5
Ed Balls as above - 11/8
17 year olds to be able to vote in by-/General Elections by Dec 31, 2015 - 3/1
An official date for an in/out EU Referendum to be announced by Dec 31,2015 - 5/1
A current MP to take part in I'm A Celeb/Celeb Big Brother/Strictly, during 2015 - 2/1
UKIP to poll more votes than Lib Dems at May 2015 General Election - 4/11
Lib Dems to poll more votes than UKIP at May 2015 General Election - 2/1
Alex Salmond to become an MP by winning Gordon seat in May 2015 - 1/8
Alex Salmond to become Govt Minister as result of May 2015 General Election - 6/1

General Election 2015:..2/5 No overall majority; 7/2 Con-LD coalition; 4/1 Labour overall majority; 4/1 Labour minority government; 9/2 Cons overall majority; 9/2 Lab-LD coalition; 6/1 Coalition involving Ukip; 13/2 Coalition involving SNP; 7/1 Cons minority govt; 40/1 Coalition involving Greens; 50/1 Ukip overall majority; 500/1 LD Overall majority.

How many seats will SNP win at May '15 G Election? - 33/1 0-5; 12/1 6-10; 6/1 11-15; 3/1 16-20; 7/1 21-25 ; 5/6 26 or more.

How many seats will Labour win in Scotland at May '15 GE?..40/1 0-5; 18/1 6-10; 7/1 11-15; 5/1 16-20; 11/4 21-25; 3/1 26-30; 7/2 31-35; 11/2 36-40; 9/1 41-45; 8/1 46 or more.