Politics By Graham Sharpe

£3m Gambled On Referendum

William Hill client collects £1,093,333.33 as:


A WILLIAM HILL customer who bet a world record political bet of £900,000 on a NO vote in the Scottish Referendum is collecting £1,093,333.33 after his wagers proved successful. The man placed four bets in total - of £400,000; two of £200,000 and a fourth, of £100,000 - in the same South West London betting shop.

Another Hill's customer placed what was previously the biggest political bet ever of £200,000 in a Glasgow betting shop and will collect £236,666.

'The Referendum has broken all political betting records' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'We took £3million on the outcome and the industry some £10million - this is more than the last General Election and US Presidential Elections combined, and the equivalent of the amount of money gambled on a high profile televised Premier League match.'

William Hill had always made NO their odds-on favourite, with the odds fluctuating from as short as 1/12 to as long as 2/5. Overnight they remained fairly steady at 1/6, with YES at 4/1 - having also varied during the campaign from as long as 6/1 to as short as 7/4 without ever becoming favourite. 'It is ninteresting that we never wavered from our position of making NO odds-on favourite even when the pollsters were inaccurately suggesting a YES win or a photo-finish' added Sharpe.

'We're happy with the outcome as a YES result would have been financially painful'