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Pollocks! American Favourite To Break Munch’s Record

Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' broke the record for most expensive painting sold at auction and William Hill are now offering odds on who will break the $119.9m price tag.

Jackson Pollock is the 2/1 favourite, with Monet 3/1 and previous record holder, Van Gogh and Picasso both 5/1.

"The Scream is an iconic work of art and it will take something as easily recognisable and famous to break the record that was set in New York on Wednesday evening", said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly.

Which artist's work will break the record sale at auction price ($119.9mn) :
2/1 Jackson Pollock
3/1 Claude Monet
5/1 Van Gogh
5/1 Pablo Picasso
8/1 Damien Hurst
10/1 Francis Bacon
10/1 Leonardo Da Vinci
12/1 Cezanne.