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Football By Rupert Adams

21 Punters Predicted Liverpool Victory By 7-0 – But Biggest Bet Cashed Out Early

Just 21 William Hill online customers correctly predicted that Liverpool would win their Champions League match against Maribor by seven goals to nil. The biggest bet was £10 and was placed by a Liverpool fan based in Cheshire ten minutes before the match started at odds of 80/1. The fan could not quite go the distance though and cashed out in the 86th minute, when the score was 6-0. As a result he collected £153.76 rather than the £810 he would have collected if he had held on.

Football By Rupert Adams

World Cup: Good Draws For The Republic & Northern Ireland

Both Ireland sides managed to dodge Italy & Croatia, in what has to be seen as a great pair of draws for the sides. That said it remain a tall order, as both sides are odds against qualifying. Northern Ireland are 9/5 to win the first leg against Switzerland and are 9/4 to qualify for the World cup. Whilst the Republic are 11/5 to beat Denmark in the first leg and 11/10 to qualify for the finals.