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Politics Weather By Rupert Adams

General Election: You Bet The Weather Will Mean A Low Turnout!

The latest weather forecast for General Election day is wet and windy and William Hill are predicting that voter turnout will be low, as a result. Hills are offering 5/6 that less than 67% turnout. “Although not snow the forecast is truly terrible, which could well deter all but the hardiest of voters,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Politics By Rupert Adams

General Election – Latest Predictions From William Hill

This time next week we will know the outcome of the General Election and at 2/5 the latest odds suggest that the Conservative party will be in Government with a Majority. The spread is currently that the Conservative Party will have 341 MP’s compared to 218 Labour MP’s. At 1/5 the Brexit Party have been heavily backed to fail to win a single seat.

Politics By Rupert Adams

Will Next Government Be A Labour / SNP Coalition?

William Hill expect an excellent result from the SNP on December 12th and make them favourite (6/4) to win between 45 & 49 seats at the General Election. As a result an SNP/Labour Coalition Government is offered at 16/1. Hills are also 33/1 that the SNP win all 59 Scottish seats.

Politics By Rupert Adams

General Election: Money For Labour To Lose Seats

Jeremy Corbyn has launched the Labour manifesto and the latest odds suggest that Labour could well lose a number of seats with the spread sitting at 203/204. Meanwhile, Labour are 25/1 to win a majority at the next Election, although it is 7/4 that Jeremy Corbyn is the next Prime Minister.


How Will Lib Dems Do?

William Hill are offering 5/6 that the Liberal Democrats win 40 or more seats at the General Election, although it is 7/4 that they win between 20-39 seats. Liberal Democrats will remember the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition with little or no affection and it is 25/1 that we see another coalition after the next Election.