Stakeholder engagement

The Board recognises its responsibility to take into consideration the views of employees and broader stakeholders as part of its decision-making process, and remains committed to open channels of communication with all of our key stakeholders.

When considering the requirements of the 2018 Code to enhance employee voice in the boardroom, the Board determined that all NEDs would be responsible, or ‘designated’ for workforce engagement purposes. The Board believes this will enhance each of the Directors’ engagement with, and understanding of, the different areas of the business and also ease pressure on individual time commitment. Through an agreed stakeholder engagement programme, NEDs attended workforce engagement forums during the year that closely aligned with their background and skill sets, and shared their insights with the Board. Engagement and feedback from employees across the business is vital, never more so during the last year as we remodelled our UK Retail business.

The Board recognises that engagement is fundamental to the success of William Hill and, in performing its duties under s172, considers the views of key stakeholders in its decision-making, recognising that they are central to the long-term prospects of the Company.

Further details on our engagement approach with key stakeholders can be found on pages 22 – 23 and 72-73 of the 2019 Annual Report and Accounts.