Putting our customers first, at all times – whoever they are. Always looking to exceed their expectations. Owning the customer and any problems.


Retail - East Region

Herne Bay LBO, Kent

After 35 years in the business, Shop Manager Richard Tennant, from Herne Bay in Kent, knows a thing or two about running a betting shop. His team always strive to give the best possible service and everyone who enters their shop is welcomed with a friendly greeting and a chat. Engaging customers in conversation is an ideal way to introduce new bets and special offers and the team like to have a laugh with customers too.

Royal LBO, North London

Walking distance from Tottenham Hotspur’s football ground in North London, Royal LBO is an impressive shop where the team are passionate about customer service. Shop Manager Kilan Chadee is always looking for new ideas to improve the way things are done in the shop and to ensure Everyone Matters at William Hill.

Rowan LBO, South London

The team at Rowan LBO in Norbury, London, have a strong relationship that’s developed over two years of working together. They use this bond to deliver a professional, friendly and relaxed environment to both regular customers and new faces. The team’s focus on an excellent customer experience is refl ected in the shop’s outstanding Market Force scores.


Retail - West Region

Chard LBO, Somerset

It’s the banter with customers, combined with great service, that sets Chard LBO in Somerset apart in its competitive location. The team take great pride in how the shop is run and ensure that all customers receive a friendly welcome. “Motivation and energy levels are always at a high in the team and this helps to drive us to be the best we can,” says Shop Manager Michael Searle.

Courtwck LBO, West Sussex

‘A home from home’ is how customers describe Courtwick LBO in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Fun is defi nitely on the cards when Shop Manager Paul Legge and his team are about. They know their cheerful approach and lively chat are what make customers return again and again. Paul is very proud of his team for achieving perfect 10 NPS scores in 2014 and has no doubt that there will be more to come in the future!

Bargate Drive LBO, West Midlands

When Shop Manager Emma Richards took over Bargate Drive LBO in Wolverhampton last year, she knew immediately that the shop had potential. She brought this to life by training and coaching a new team to deliver great service to customers and keep them coming back. Despite the shop’s location in a challenging environment, Emma and her team worked with the local police, security and AOM and DOM to create a welcoming space for customers and, as a result, increased business immensely.


Retail - North Region

Nutwell LBO, Doncaster

The team at Nutwell LBO in Armthorpe, near Doncaster, know that delivering excellent customer service is one of the key ingredients for repeat business. First impressions count so they make sure that every customer receives a big warm “Hello” as soon as they enter. Though many of the customers are regulars – the shop is in an old mining village – the team are always looking to add value to the customer experience and keep their customer base loyal.

Vaughan Street LBO, North Wales

Located in the seaside town of Llandudno in North Wales, Vaughan Street LBO has its fair share of holidaymakers. The team know it’s essential to make these customers welcome on their fi rst visit as that way they’ll come back for the length of their holiday! The team, led by Shop Manager Stephen Austin, must be doing something right. This year, it celebrated its 10th 10/10 NPS scores in a row. This team strongly believe in the importance of successful relationships with local businesses and recently took part in a promotion with a local hotel.

Hyde LBO, Manchester

Customers say Hyde LBO in Greater Manchester is heads above its competitors when it comes to customer service, and with three shops on its doorstep, that’s an achievement. Shop Manager Jean Ansbro has worked for William Hill for more than 40 years and has bags of experience. She says: “We embrace change, whether it be HOME or the Retail Vision. I find people have different qualities to offer and this is what makes up a good team. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and to grasp opportunities to gain new custom.”


Retail - Scotland Region

Carntyn LBO, Glasgow

Great customer service is the norm at this Glasgow shop and Manager Sarah Jane Buchan is down to earth about what the team regard as important: “We do nothing out of the ordinary, nothing over the top. For us, it’s as simple as making everyone feel at HOME. Customers feel valued for their custom and we like to create the fun factor that someone might need to brighten up their day.” The team have built strong relationships with customers and with each other – they’re just like one happy family!

Peterhead LBO, Aberdeenshire

At the beginning of 2014, the team at Peterhead pledged that they would maintain a level of service that was ‘second to none’ throughout the year and that they would deliver the best customer service in the area. Shop Manager Angela Wardle is proud to say that the team delivered this on a daily basis. Customers always receive a friendly welcoming smile, some good banter, the offer of a drink and an enjoyable time in the shop, making the team worthy fi nalists for this award.

Murton LBO, County Durham

Murton LBO in Seaham, County Durham, is at the heart of its community, and Manager Mandy McBeth and her team have made the shop a friendly and inviting place to visit. Also, with strong relationships with local football clubs, the team know that it is vital to listen to customer feedback and, as a result, have moved coupon dispensers to allow for easy access. Murton LBO is a shop that is always looking to improve its offering to new and existing customers.



Social Media team, Gibraltar

The opening up of Social Media channels in the last 12 months has been exciting for William Hill and this team have done fantastic work to develop our social reach in a short space of time. Our number of followers on Social Media has increased by 81% in the last year and the positive work from this small team represents a nod to a future that offers yet more innovative possibilities.

Risk team, Manila

The Client Control Team are a highly professional, motivated and dedicated group that checks multiple accounts and sports bets to protect the business from unprofi table customers and enable valued customers to bet more. When the Manila offi ce was closed, the team set up a small offi ce in one of the agents’ homes to maintain continuous support.

Risk and payments team, Sofia

During the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in Manila, a team of 22 people in Sofi a covered the workload of more than 150 Manila Risk and Payments colleagues for a period of 10 days. The team provided an absolutely invaluable service, which led to the smooth running of our Online business during this time. The team also deliver an excellent and valuable support service to our customer-facing teams on a dayto- day basis.



Janet Morrison, Richard Field and Kerry Swainson, BCP Support, Gibraltar

The temporary closure of the WHO Manila offi ce in October put a huge strain on the business. However, colleagues across the Group offered support and a working group was set up to coordinate operational and system training. This team of three – Kerry Swainson, Richard Field and Janet Morrison – consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to clear queues, ensure calls were met, and service levels retained at extraordinarily high levels.

Idan, Dayag, Tel Aviv

Idan has stepped up to the role of Team Leader, working on CRM campaign strategy, during a very busy period in the company. He has helped to increase his team’s productivity, and also improve campaign effi ciency, through the introduction of new work processes. His main internal customer is the CRM planning team and their feedback has been excellent.

Security Team, UK, Gibraltar and Tel Aviv

The security team work with our Technology colleagues to protect our sites and services, customer experience and data from unauthorised activity. External cyberattacks and security incidents can happen at any time and the team have worked extremely hard to respond to such events. Last year, the team delivered on a number of fronts, including improving our protection against denial of service attacks and maintaining compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data and other regulatory requirements.

Security Team, UK, Gibraltar and Tel Aviv

Security Team, UK, Gibraltar and Tel Aviv




Sandy Drozd, US

Sandy, who works as part of the IT team at William Hill US, is a talented and dedicated colleague who has done terrifi c work on our kiosk and mobile products. She has also built up a very good relationship with the Gaming Control Board. Sandy challenges the way things are done and always looks at how she can introduce innovative ideas for the future.

Luke Wilson Group, UK

Leeds-based Project Accountant Luke is considered a central hub of knowledge on business process by all his colleagues within the Finance department, yet his infl uence doesn’t stop there. He works consistently hard to support other functions in other parts of the world, regardless of the time zone. For example, he recently spent six months working with the Australian team to complete the Group reconciliation process, which meant lots of meetings scheduled for times outside the UK’s working day. He is always happy to get involved in any problems that arise and to see them through to a successful conclusion.

World Darts Championship Team

Our first sponsorship of the World Darts Championship was a resounding sell-out success, attracting four million viewers on Sky Sports’ dedicated channel and an increase in betting numbers of 60%. Our teams from Marketing and Sponsorship did an amazing job creating two weeks of memorable darts action while ensuring that branding and media coverage (Prince Harry was our most famous guest!) kept the William Hill name high profi le. Our teams from Leeds also moved down to London while the event was on – over Christmas and New Year – giving up valuable time with their families to make sure the event was a winner.

World Darts Championship Team

World Darts Championship Team




Brand team, Sydney

When Sportingbet Australia was rebranded as William Hill Australia, this cross-functional team ensured that the transition was as smooth and seamless as could be. The team stepped up to the mark during the planning and execution of the brand migration, ensuring that every meeting and discussion started from the viewpoint of the customer and how this change would affect them.

Customer services team, Darwin

Last year’s winners are back in the running this year too. Since succession planning and individual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) objectives were introduced in August 2014, the team’s performance has improved yet further. Everyone enjoys learning and is willing to take on tasks outside their job role, which helps to create a motivational working environment. The team’s service level stats are impressive too – in 2014, the client services department answered 95.45% of calls within 30 seconds, giving an overall service level of 95.1%.


Eldorado, Reno

Dawn and her team at Eldorado in Reno have had another amazing year. Its sports Retail business remained steady, while the pari-mutuel race [where winners divide the total amount that’s bet] grew dramatically. The sportsbook also received 100% scores on its mystery shopper programmes. The core team have been together for more than fi ve years and maintain a fantastic working relationship.

Tamarack Junction, Reno

This Reno-based sportsbook – among our fi nalists for the second year in a row – is an outstanding book, known for its great customer service and standout team. The team create customised sports sheets (data sheets) based on customers’ individual needs, and this helps to build a strong customer base.

Tuscany, Las Vegas

Tuscany is the highest-volume book in William Hill US and is known as the place where our largest customers go. Larry is a great trainer and knows how to get the best from his team – to such an extent that his colleagues are often promoted into other roles. This is a very busy location, handling large bets, withdrawals and deposits while always providing excellent customer service.