Control Is Everything

Inside and outside the ring, AJ is always in control. It’s part of what makes him a great champion and role model – and a big reason why he has achieved so much at such a young age.

If you want to truly enjoy the moment, control is just as important when you gamble; which means knowing where you stand, keeping it fun and knowing when to take a break.

Know Where You Stand

When he’s in camp before a huge fight, AJ and his team leave nothing to chance. From hand-selecting the best sparring partners to creating detailed nutrition plans – he makes use of every tool that can help him triumph in the ring.

Using the tools available on our account management can also help you stay in control of your gambling.

By setting deposit limits and reminders that tell you how long you’ve been playing, you can create an experience you feel comfortable with, then sit back and enjoy the moment.

Take a Break

Rest and relaxation play as big a part in AJ’s training regime as sparring and working the pads. Taking a break between fights and ducking out of the spotlight helps him keep a sense of balance and control in his life.

It’s also a good idea to take a break from gambling whenever you need to.

When the fun stops, stop. Then, when you play, you can fully enjoy the moment. That’s why, as a William Hill customer, you have the option to restrict your access to our gambling products by applying time outs, or using the exclusion feature on your account.

Keep It Fun

You don’t play at boxing. It demands complete dedication.

AJ is almost as famous for his laugh and smile, as he is for his signature jab and that hammer of a right hand.

This is the attitude everyone should bring to having a bet. Gambling should always be fun. It should never come between you and your love of sport.

Tools to help you stay in control

As well as our account management features, there are industry-recognised tools that can help you stay in control of your gambling. These include Netline’s online chat and the National Gambling Helpline.

William Hill is committed to supporting Responsible Gaming

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AJ's journey

Behind every top boxer is a great team. That’s no different with AJ, as William Hill have found out on his journey to becoming heavyweight champion of the world.

Find out more about the man behind the gloves, his training routines and stand-out moments.

Making the advert

The Advert

You’ve got ringside seats to behind the scenes footage that was captured over the three-day shoot. With three camera crews, a 100 strong production team and 200 extras, this was a heavyweight task.

The Team

To be the best, you have to work with the best. World-renowned choreographer Cathy Ematchoua joined forces with AJ’s former coach Sean Murphy to put together a slick sequence of jabs, hooks, and dance moves.

Check out how the advert was made, including the outtakes!

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