When an event goes live and prices start to move, we start trading. It’s an exciting environment to work in, based around what our customers are betting on and what's happening in the markets.

Our systems adjust the odds and prices, and our traders produce data that not only appears online but also supports our marketing activity. There are plenty of opportunities to join us across our dedicated In-Play, Compiling, Quantitative Trading Analysis and Modelling, or Data Teams.


This is exciting, real-time stuff. Our In-Play Betting System uses highly sophisticated technology to monitor and adjust the odds as events unfold. The team trades live matches, much like city traders. This means as an event progresses, our prices adjust accordingly and our online Sportsbook updates right up to the final result.


We’re experts in our field, compiling the odds our customers bet against. We cover a huge array of sports and events, with William Hill accepting bets on over 38,000 events worldwide and more than 20 different sports. Of course, ensuring we’re not overexposed to risk and that all judgments are well-informed is vital. Additionally, our Racing Operations Team work on-course, providing information that shapes the bets we offer to our customers, as well as trading on racecourses as William Hill bookmakers.

Quantitative Trading Analysts & Modelling Team

This is where you’ll find our resident mathematical and statistical geniuses. They use Quantitative Data Analysis and Data Modelling to predict what is likely to happen during any given sporting event, from the number of tackles in a football match, to the amount of aces in a Wimbledon final. Join us and you’ll provide a vast range of odds on which people can bet – up to 70,000 a day!

Data Teams

Our Data Team takes the odds provided by our Compiling and Data Modelling Teams, putting the information on to our systems to display the markets and prices for our shops and online Sportsbook to use. In a nutshell, we’re a bit like a systems management team that makes sure every piece of data is accurate, timely and right there at people’s fingertips.

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