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Celebrating Brazilian/Portuguese day in Krakow

At our office in Krakow, we're a pretty multicultural bunch with people relocating to come and work for us from a whole range of countries. That includes Spain, Belarus, UK, Brazil, Greece, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

And because we've all got a different story to tell, we wanted to organise regular Multicultural Diversity Days where people from each country can share their culture with colleagues. The first one we ran was based around Ukraine, and our most recent had a Brazilian/Portuguese feel to it. And given we've got six people working with us from those countries, they organised a great event. Which of course started with food.

During the day we tried and tasted Brazilian and Portuguese food - brigadeiros, coxinha, pasteis de natas and ran a Brazilian/Portuguese themed quiz and we'll announce the winners in our next stand up.  We then all had a go at some Samba steps with a professional teacher and saw the day off with some delicious Portuguese wine. 

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