Our customers expect great service and our people are at the heart of this, with a passion for William Hill and a passion for sport.

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Mark Swarbrick, Head of In-Play betting

"The impact that In-Play has had on the business, since launch in 2008, has been tremendous."

Mark Swarbrick, Head of In-Play betting

Liam McKee, Head of Retail Marketing

"The excitement you get from working at William Hill is quite contagious."

Liam McKee, Head of Retail Marketing

Miguel Polonio, Security Architect

Miguel Polonio

"With the increase in innovation, I believe that the security team has a vital role to play."

Miguel Polonio, Information Security, William Hill Gibraltar

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and just one year before I finished my degree in Economics I decided to follow my passion in Information Technology and switched to study Computer Science at the University of Lisbon.  Because of my musician DNA I believe that proficiency comes through practice so I started to work at the same time I was studying. I’ve worked in IT for several companies with a strong focus on infrastructure security. In 2012 I left Portugal to work with the Amazon AWS team in Dublin and was selected to be a Security Engineer. I joined William Hill at September of 2014 where I am a Security Architect advocating customer trust among all the teams in the company.

I work closely with all of the delivery teams from Solution Architects, Developers and Quality Assurance to provide information security awareness, organising frequent workshops, hands-on labs and brainstorming sessions to share our security knowledge and provide all the teams with a means to do security testing at all the stages of the development lifecycle.   Our objective is to embed security from the ground up in all of our products. We are working hard in improving our software assurance security model - the end goal is about creating trusting relationships with our stakeholders and therefore promoting an outstanding and memorable experience for our customers.

I’m passionate about security because it’s a role that is not all about technology. Information security is mostly not a technology problem, it is a people problem.  Sound judgment and exceptional communications skills are as important as deep technical skills.

I enjoy working at William Hill because of its innovative culture to surprise customers and internally it fosters the idea that employees belong to this global family.

For William Hill security matters because it’s all about customer trust.  Now that the internet is an integral part of our lives, every company worries about protecting their data, especially their customer data, and we take pride in the work we do and believe that every detail counts.

With the increase in innovation, I believe that the security team has a vital role to play so that security is designed into products and systems from the ground up and does not hold up the pace of development.  I enjoy working backwards, thinking of the enjoyable and secure end result and then designing the simplest path to create it.

John Bassett, Research & Development

"It's an exciting challenge to get a product that you know works in the established European market, and develop that for the American and Australian sports markets."

John Bassett, Research & Development

Innovation at William Hill