We are one of the leading online betting and gaming providers to customers in the UK, Southern Europe and the Nordics

William Hill's Online business has been operating since 1998 and the migration online of sports betting and gaming is unmistakable. With only c.20% of all global gambling1 happening online, the penetration of digital remains relatively low. However, the restrictions placed upon the retail format during 2020 are driving a structural change and as a consequence customers are accelerating their use of digital channels.

Large regulated markets like the UK are maturing while other global markets continue to exhibit strong growth online. This represents an opportunity for well positioned, strong brands like William Hill and Mr Green. In line with our ambition to grow our digital capability and diversify internationally, our online strategy will continue to build our presence outside the UK with faster growth profiles, whilst strengthening our position in the UK.

To succeed in today’s global gambling market, operators need a competitive customer offering with enhanced in-built customer protection tools. Our strategy to drive our digital capability has begun to bear fruit with a steady stream of product and platform upgrades building real momentum as the year progressed. This was the first full year operating the Mr Green brand from our Malta hub, enabling further expansion into new territories as we continue to diversify our product, brand and geographic exposure.


1. H2GC - Global gambling gross win data, January 2020.